Restoration of 1952 MG TD 2

Author: Bob McCluskey
First posted: 1 Sept 2000
Last amended: Dec 2015
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Car No TD/11935
Engine No XPAG/TD2/12333
Body Type 22381
Body No 11301/78948

Peferences Apart from the workshop manual, I relied on

Mike Sherrell's excellent book "TCs Forever" (Stamford Press, Singapore, 1990; ISBN 0-7316-8877-5);

Malcolm Green's "T Series Restoration Guide" (Brooklands Books, Surrey UK, 1993; ISBN 1 85520 2115);

a paper entitled "MGTD Wood Replacement" by Gil Dupre, evidently published in a US motoring journal in the mid-1980s and photocopied so many times since then that its origins have been lost to me;

a paper entitled "Points of Originality: The MG TD" by FE Old III evidently published in 1980, whose origins are likewise lost;

Horst Schach's comprehensive guide "The Complete M.G. TD Restoraton Manual" (Published by Horst Schach, 3280 Todds Road, Lexington, Kenttucky 40509, ISBN 0938253-02-6), although this book didn't come to my attention until all the body work was finished and all that remained was the weather equipment

my friends and tutors at North Sydney College of TAFE in the metal working and spray painting workshops;

and of course the extensive knowledge and advice from the various MG Car Clubs and unaffiliated enthusiasts.

I have drawn heavily on their knowledge, and if occasionally I've also inadvertently drawn on their words in relating my own experiences I'm sure they'll forgive me.

Good luck,

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